LED Lamp


  • Lower wattage consumption. Power efficiency is 85%±5.
  • High brightness. Luminous Efficacy is ≥85lm/W.
  • Good color vision. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is ≥6000K.
  • Rendering Index (Ra) is ≥75.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection. Constant Current Driver Circuit.
  • No interference with radio/ video frequency.
  • Diffuser Cover is frosted & milky white PC Plastic. The light diffusion is ≤10%.
  • Flicker Free. LED chip is not visible through the diffuser cover.
  • Good heat dissipation. Heat sink type is Di Casting Aluminum.
  • Eco Friendly. No UV, IR radiation. No mercury, less CO2 emission to environment.
  • Longer life. Average life span is ≥50,000 hrs.
  • Origin: China.


  • 2 years limited product warranty.


Type T5 Tube T5 Tube T5 Tube Bulb (E27/ B22) Bulb (E27/ B22)
Power 3W±5% 4W±5% 5W±5% 3W±5% 5W±5%
Input Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 12VDC 12VDC 12VDC
Input Current 250mA 330mA 408mA 250mA 417mA
Luminous Flux 270lm 350lm 430lm 255lm 425lm
LED Chip Type SMD 3014 SMD 3014 SMD 3014 SMD 5730 SMD 5730
Number of LED Chip 3S×10P=30 3S×13P=39 3S×16P=48 6 12
Dimension (in mm) 300*24*30 300*24*30 300*24*30 Ф59*110 Ф59*110
Profile Thickness 0.95mm 0.95mm 0.95mm
Ra ≥75
CCT ≥6000K
Power efficiency 85%±5
Luminous Efficacy 85lm/W