Mini Solar Home System

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Small/Mini Solar Home System or more popularly known as SHS are the means to ensure light in rural off-grid areas in Bangladesh. Solar Home System constitutes of a package of Solar panel, battery and accessories, providing light and a way of living in those areas not connected to the grid. In Bangladesh, where a huge number of populations are outside conventional grid, Cosine Power BD is working to bring the poor people under electricity usage.

List of small SHS (12V) solution packages:

Sl Package Name Items Included Maximum Loads
PV Module LED Lamp Battery Charge Controller Frame/Cables
1 20W SHS 20W: 01pcs 3W: 03pcs 20AH: 01pcs 5A: 01pcs As



3*3W LED
2 30W SHS 30W: 01pcs 3W: 02pcs 30AH: 01pcs 5A: 01pcs 2*3W LED; 15” LCD TV
3 40W SHS 40W: 01pcs 3W: 03pcs 40AH: 01pcs 5A: 01pcs 3*3W LED; 15” LCD TV
4 50W SHS 50W: 01pcs 3W: 04pcs 60AH: 01pcs 5A: 01pcs 4*3W LED; 15” LCD TV
5 65W SHS 65W: 01pcs 3W: 05pcs 70AH: 01pcs 5A: 01pcs 5*3W LED; 15” LCD TV
6 75W SHS 75W: 01pcs 3W: 06pcs 80AH: 01pcs 10A: 01pcs 6*3W LED; 15” LCD TV; 12W Fan
7 85W SHS 85W: 01pcs 3W: 07pcs 100AH: 01pcs 10A: 01pcs 7*3W LED; 15” LCD TV; 12W Fan
8 100W SHS 100W: 01pcs 3W: 09pcs 100AH: 01pcs 10A: 01pcs 9*3W LED; 15” LCD TV; 12W Fan
9 Customized SHS Other customized systems are provided according to the specific customer requirement.


  • PV Module: 20 years.
  • LED Lamp: 03 years.
  • Charge Controller: 03 years.
  • Battery: 05 years.